Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation continually proves itself to be one of the most affordable marketing channels and one of the highest return on investment. The investment, though, is more an investment of time and skill resources than a financial cost.

If you don't have the resources to have a team member dedicated to email marketing, automation, or operations, that's where we come in.


In this one-day service we will format and upload your subscriber list (if applicable), create customer segments, connect forms from your site to your email system, create at least three branded email templates for you to use going forward, and ensure your unsubscribe page is functional (its the law!) and branded. $999.

For if you already have automations set up and just need a fresh set of eyes to check that they're working as they should be, and to propose areas of optimization, A/B testing, or new automation opportunities. $999

If your focus is getting more subscribers and potential customers, this one-day package will improve upon your existing default subscribe field on your site, and create (or improve upon) 1-3 lead magnets we will brainstorm together in our intro call. We'll also send a recommendation for how to promote lead magnets through organic and paid digital media channels. $1999 *unless you are providing the gated content.

This one week service will build three net new customer journey automations with 1-4 emails in each, and (if applicable) improve existing automations, email designs, and customer segmentation to improve performance. $2999.

eCommerce shops have the most to gain from marketing automation, and also the most options for types of automations possible through the entire customer journey. That's why it's our biggest package, and why we hold 2 full weeks in our calendar when we have an eComm set up to do. $4599


"Do you have experience using ...?"

Yeah, probably.

One of our goals is to have experience in every email marketing automation platform that exists. So far that includes ➡️ 

And if we don't have experience with your software and you hire us anyways, we'll give you 10% off your package as our thanks for exposing us to a new app.

Project:    All-in marketing automation set up in Klaviyo for new Shopify store

"Sara is so smart and easy to communicate with! I felt 1000% confident in her help and expertise and appreciated that she really cared about my brand and delivering incredible work. She also sends video tutorials were also so appreciated and helpful! I know her work will help drive sales and set me up for success"


Krista, Founder of eComm store plant pals


Empathy + Enthusiasm 🤩

Because empathy helps us understand you and your audience easily. And enthusiasm because tech can be boring and frustrating and we want to make it fun.

Speed + Depth 🐬

We're fast but without compromising quality. We work in sprints on one client at a time to achieve that lucious deep work flow state to do our best work.

Coaching + Enablement 👩‍🏫

We want to set things up for you in a way that's easy for you to maintain, and equip you with some training or tips for how to manage things.